MGA established by a team of dedicated and devoted professionals of automotive engineering

MGA a renowned organization welcomes you to its high-flying world of Auto parts equipments. Growing stupendously in this field, we are recknoned as one of the best manufacturers of Lever Assembly parking brakes, exhaust silencers, fuel tanks, chassis, sheet metal body parts of cars, trucks, fork lifters and other automotive & agricultural machinery.MGA is fully capable to respond the challenges of rapidly growing industry of automotive parts ranging from lavishing cars to agricultural vehicles. MGA has global recognition by exporting automobile parts to USA, Middle East, Asian & African countries, thus becoming a multi disciplinary organization both locally and internationally.


Toyota iQ multi-load path body structure


With over 40 Years experience, MGA are experts in producing prototypes & low volume production parts.


General fabrication

We work for a variety of Industries making anything from simple brackets to large complex assemblies.



At MGA we have the Skills and machinery to build sheet metal parts for construction purpose.

Creative Metalwork

We have a skilled team of craftsmen who can turn your vision into a reality, working in a variety of materials we make sheet metal components from automotive to construction purposes.



Tool Making

Our tooling department is capable of producing prototype soft and hard tools to our own designs or in line with your specifications.



CNC Machining offers a wide range of services with CNC Machining Centres and CNC Lathes to suit the customers’ individual requirements/requests/products.


Sheet metal folding

& pressing

With presses from 25 to 500 tons we are able to cater for components varying from the most simple to large complex pressings.


Quality / Inspection

We are accredited to ISO & Certifications


Established by a team of dedicated and devoted professionals.



Entry in Exports Market


3rd Largest Exporter from Pakistan :


1st Exporter of Fork Lifter Body




Lever Parking System

Lever Parking System, is a metal lever attached to the shift assembly in a manual transmission-equipped automobile and is used to change gears. In an automatic transmission-equipped vehicle, a similar device is known as a gear selector


Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems are intended to replace the factory fitted exhaust components of a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle in order to improve the performance, visual appeal, or sound of the vehicle.


Fuel Tanks

While most tanks are manufactured, some fuel tanks are still fabricated by metal craftsmen or hand-made in the case of bladder-style tanks. These include custom and restoration tanks for automotive,aircraft, motorcycles, and even tractors.

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Sheet Metal Components

Sheet metal is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces. It is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes. Countless everyday objects are constructed with sheet metal.