Research and Development

Mission Statement

The Research and Development (R&D) Department is responsible for keeping abreast of recent developments in forecasting, climatology and environmental research. The research and development taking place at the Department contributes to ensuring that the company fulfil the regulations in the most effective way about securing lives and valuables, and make it possible for company to provide quality products in most cost effective manner.

Activities of the Department

Developing methods for the operational activities.
Forecasting services keep abreast of international developments within the main areas of activities of the company.
Contributing with ideas and methods to improve the Qualities.
To work on estimating regional climatic changes to make necessary precautions to help preserving environment.
Provide support in the process and product development for MGA industry.
Recommend the changes in the overall environment to improve the working conditions.

The department’s high competence is highly appreciated by industry, the authorities and public institutions.