Quality Assurance

Mission Statement

The Quality Assurance Department (QAD) aims at establishing a quality system for the MGA Autos according to national/international standards in order to ensure the quality of MGA products through carrying out, quality control checks and audits at MGA departments and units.


  • Establishment of a quality system at MGA according to national/ international standards for the purpose of acquiring national/ international accreditation for its testing/calibration laboratories.
  • Establishment of a calibration system at MGA to ensure calibration of laboratories equipment and appropriate implementation of the ISO system.
  • Planning, implementation and follow up of quality system assessment and internal auditing programs, and reviewing the quality system and calibration program at MGA.
  • Following up on the work of MGA Quality Committee.
  • Monitoring and supervising the quality of materials that are delivered to and from MGA, especially equipment, materials, measuring devices, products etc.
  • Following up on MGA activities with the ISO 9001 standards.
  • Development of in-house capabilities in the fields of quality system and national/international accreditation requirements to enable MGA to provide technical assurance for local/international Clients.
  • Following up on the quality requirements for the implementation of locally or internationally funded researches and technical studies.
  • Supervising the acquisition of national/international technical specifications and standards required for companies.
  • Coordination, cooperation and follow up on MGA activities with local and international bodies in the field of quality control.